Manchester’s students deserve the best facilities; that was our clients goal when they remodelled a unit at Manchester College’s Wythenshawe campus. A more practical and accommodating space for students and faculty alike was created and the project will enable The Manchester College to offer more school leavers and students the opportunity to gain physical experience with heavy-goods vehicles (HGVs).
Manchester has become synonymous with great education. With two leading universities, it has to be high on the list for any prospective student. And that’s no different for Manchester College’s Wythenshawe campus, which opened in 2010.
To create some extra space for the campus, our client had to replace an existing toilet block with a new building. On the first floor, they added some new classrooms and, across the site, put in some finishing touches such as new floor finishes and decorations to create an amazing learning space.
On top of this, they brought some much-needed new features to make the site more appropriate for HGVs.
Our client removed structures to make the area easy to get in and out. They also removed an existing curtain wall, allowing for the installation of new roller shutters. Then they worked on an external holding bay for the HGVs. To deal with exhaust fumes, they added a vehicle exhaust extraction system. Wythenshawe campus provides a fresh education hub for students.
As always, from our client it is a job well done and a pleasure to photograph.
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